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23 January 2018
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Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer - German professional cooking technology specialist

Cruise ships head to the Bahamas for a refresh - Cruise ships head to the Bahamas for a refresh

Enhancing cruise shopping with OSRAM’s lighting solutions - Enhancing cruise shopping with OSRAM’s lighting solutions

Four new expedition ships to set sail for SunStone - Four new expedition ships to set sail for SunStone

Material gains with marine flooring systems - Material gains with marine flooring systems


Containing norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships
The impression that contracting norovirus is an occupational hazard on cruise holidays continues to persist among prospective passengers. However, new figures from the Centers for Disease Control point to a decline in outbreaks. Greg Noone talks to Donnie Brown, vice-president for maritime policy at CLIA, about how remedial action by operators has stemmed the flow of cases and may yet restore a measure of confidence to passengers and industry observers alike.

Fincantieri joins GE to cut air pollution from cruise ships
A new agreement between GE Power and Fincantieri will see the two companies co-develop an emission control solution to reduce air pollution from cruise ships. Colin Castle examines how the new shipboard pollutant-removal system might work.

Ritz-Carlton hotels to cruise on high seas
Ritz-Carlton hotels have long offered guests luxury in beautiful destinations. Now the company is taking to the ocean. Bradford Keen speaks to Fredrik Johansson, director of Tillberg Design, and Douglas Prothero, co-managing director of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, about applying more than a century of hotel knowledge to the high seas.

Michelin-inspired cuisine on Crystal River Cruises
The Michelin-inspired, farm-to-table food and beverage concept on Crystal River Cruises’ fast-expanding river fleet is unlike anything else on the waterways of Europe. Elly Earls meets the cruise line’s senior vice-president of hotel operations, Toni Neumeister, to find out how they’ve done it.

Hit by depressed market, specilialised shipbuilders look towards cruise sector
Specialist shipbuilders feeling the squeeze from struggling oil prices have begun expanding into the cruise sector, but what services are they offering? How difficult a transition might it be? And should established yards have cause for concern? World Cruise Industry Review speaks to experts from across the industry to find out.

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